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Hard starting: looking for starter for sale near me

April 14, 2019 4 min read

Nothing can be quite as frustrating as inserting your key in the ignition and turning it to start your car and nothing happens. It's worse if you are already running late to an appointment. You are left wondering why your car issue couldn't wait until you're done with the appointment.

It's more saddening if you can't tell if it's your alternator, battery or starter that is bad. Well, that is one thing every vehicle owner experiences every now and then.

Here's the thing; the starting system of a vehicle is quite complex. There are a lot of things that make up the starting system, but people prefer to go with the one that is named starter. The starter is a motor that is electrically-driven which connects and spins the vehicle's flywheel to set the pistons in motion so the necessary compression that is needed to start a vehicle can be created. If the vehicle's starter is bad, you will not be able to start the car. You may end up needing miami starter for my car/truck or starter for sale near me but definitely not alternator for sale near me.

Signs that point to a faulty starter

Grinding noise

If you hear a grinding noise when trying to start your vehicle, that noise is most likely coming from your starter motor. One reason this may happen is when one of your gears have lost a teeth or even a tooth. Another reason is as a result of loose mounting bolts, which makes the flywheel and the pinion gear to be poorly aligned.

Loud clicking

In many cases, people can tell that their starter is bad from the series of loud click they get when they turn the key in the ignition. Why this happens is because the starter motor is actuating but fails to spin. And this is as a result of it not connecting properly with the flywheel. Your vehicle's battery sends energy to the starter which it uses to turn the engine and get it to start. But if you hear a clicking sound instead of a starting sound when the key is turned in the ignition, then it points to a bad starter. But bear in mind that the same sound can happen when your battery dies. So, make sure to rule out a dead battery before concluding that it's your starter.

Engine cranking intermittently

If you notice that the vehicle starts and then cranks and stops, you may have a faulty starter that needs replacing. And you don't need to look for starter for sale near me or miami starter for my car/truck when R and Y Alternators and Starters has got the perfect starter for your vehicle.



A buzzing sound when you turn your ignition is another sign to look out for. It usually sounds like electricity making it's way to the starter component but not getting it to start. The good news here is that this also happens when there is poor electrical connection and not necessarily a starter issue.

Other things that can prevent your vehicle from starting

Apart from the starter, here are other issues you should be aware of:

- Bad alternator - this is what charges you vehicle's battery when it is running. When the alternator starts going bad, it may not allow your vehicle to start when you turn on the ignition.

- Dead battery - Obviously, if your battery is dead, trying to start the car will be like beating a dead horse.

- Poor fuel delivery - If the engine is not getting enough fuel, especially when you turn on the ignition, you will only hear a cranking sound but the vehicle won't start.

How long should a starter last?

This is a simple but difficult question to answer. The reason is that you can tell when your car needs an oil change and can even predict how long it should last. But when it comes to a starter, it's a different ball game. No two starters can last the same. Even the manufacturer cannot assure you of the length of time your starter will last. For some people, their starter can last for up to 200,000 miles, while for others, it can be as little as 35,000 miles. That is why mileage cannot be used to determine how long your starter should last. You cannot also use time.

However, there is a guide, which is usually 80,000 starts for a new starter. But that doesn't mean that you should start keeping count of how many starts you've been able to get from the starter so far. You also might never need to replace your starter, especially if you only use the car when driving to work. It means that you are only using 489 starts each year. Also, people living in a warmer climate will enjoy their starter for longer than those living in a colder climate.

Starters are simple but very important aspect of a vehicle. Thankfully, people don't have to make use of the hand crank that was used in starting a car before starters were invented.

The only way you can really determine whether your starter is bad or not is to have it checked out by a professional. And if it is bad or maybe you are just looking for alternator for sale near me, R and Y Alternators and Starters is poised to provide you with original starters and alternators because you deserve value for your money.